Food it Forward

Helping local T/E food establishments while also helping those in need and on the front lines

To date, we’ve raised $75,175!

How it works

The goal is twofold: all donations directed through this site will go directly to purchasing gift cards from locally based, regionally owned food establishments. You can even pick the restaurant(s) you want us to buy from. We will then donate those gift cards to needy families and front-line responders. We are a 501(c)(3). Once your donation has been made you will receive an electronic receipt for your tax-deductible donation.  

If designating a restaurant, be sure to add it to the NOTES section upon checkout.

Our mission at Kendall’s Crusade has always been to help those impacted by AVM and aneurysms, but our T/E-based Foundation wants to support and take care of those in our local community currently impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding our current environment, our local food establishments have already felt the blow. Some restaurants have shut down while others have been reduced to “drive through” businesses, at best. While this will sustain many of them in the short run, a mandatory shutdown is still possible. A total stoppage could be financially devastating for the restaurants and their employees.

Meanwhile, the list of needy families is growing, as is the strain on front line responders. Your donations will support more than the local restaurants. The gift cards you purchase will then be distributed to those working so hard at Paoli Hospital right now, as well as to local food banks. It’s two for one giving. You can also follow us on Facebook.

If designating a restaurant, be sure to add it to the NOTES section upon checkout.

Featured Restaurants

All currently offering takeout and/or delivery.

118 North

30 Main

333 Belrose

A Taste of Britain 


At the Table 

Berwyn Pizza 

Berwyn Tavern 

The Black Cat Cafe


Casey’s Ale House

Candelario’s Pizzeria



Diane’s Deli 


El Tio

The Goat’s Beard 

Gryphon Coffee Co


HG Coal Fire Pizza


Main Line Pizza

Margaret Kuo’s

McKenzie Brew House 

Minella’s Diner 



Nick Filet 

Nudy’s Cafe

Our Deli

Primo Hoagies 

Paola’s Pizza

San Nicola 

The Silverspoon 

Sweet Jazmines

Tasty Table Catering 

Teresa’s Cafe 



Just a few easy steps

1. Click “Donate”  

2. Select amount  

3. Select payment method  

4. Designate in “Note” section which restaurant(s) you wish to support(optional)

This is a very small selection during the checkout process and easy to miss, so please look carefully for “Note” as you’re checking out.

5. Complete transaction 

If designating a restaurant, be sure to add it to the NOTES section upon checkout.


How much of my donation will go to purchasing gift cards?100% of your donation will go toward the purchase of restaurant gift cards. We currently have a small army of volunteers donating their time to make this process work. 

I don’t see where I get to select the restaurant I want to support. You’ll select the restaurant(s) you want to support during the checkout process. After you hit “Donate,” you’ll be asked to select an amount and a payment method. On the next page, there will be a “Note” section. Please write the restaurant you’d like to support in that section. If you want to support more than one restaurant, we will divide the donation up equally, unless you specify otherwise. After filling in this section, you can complete your transaction.

 What will you do with the gift cards once they’ve been purchased? We will be working with a couple of local organizations who provide services for those in need as well as front line responders. The goal is to put the gift cards back into our community and surrounding areas.  

Is my donation tax deductible?We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means your donation is tax deductible, but please check with your accountant, as each individual may have a different charitable threshold.  

I’m a local restaurant owner. How do I get my restaurant on the list?Great, please email Leslie at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up on the site if your establishment meets our program’s location and gift card requirements.

I’m confused. What is Kendall’s Crusade and how can I be sure my donation is going to Food it Forward? Kendall’s Crusade, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) based in Wayne, PA. The Foundation was established to assist the medical community and patients impacted by a condition called AVM, as well as raise awareness about the condition. During this time of crisis, the foundation is using its reach to give back to the local community. In an effort to make the mission more relatable as it’s shared throughout the community, we created the name Food it Forward. Food it Forward is NOT a registered 501(c)(3). For this reason, you’re making your donation to Kendall’s Crusade and your receipt will be from Kendall’s Crusade, but your donation is going to the Food it Forward campaign. If you want to learn a little bit about AVM by visiting our home page in the process, great.

What if I have a favorite restaurant I’d like to support but they’re not on the list? As long as they are in the area and market we’re targeting, we will gladly add them to the list. The restaurant should be west of 476 through to and including Paoli, along the Main Line. It can also be located in other areas of both Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships. The restaurant cannot be a large chain. It must be regionally owned and locally based. We’re trying to help those within our own community.  

What if I don’t pick any restaurants and would just like to donate? No problem, we’ll pick for you. 100% of your donation will still go to purchasing restaurant gift cards.  

What if we want the gift cards donated to our church/organization that also serves the local community?We currently donate to seven area food banks. We are always open to suggestions and will do our best to serve needs in our area.

I’m interested in supporting my local restaurant, but it’s not on your list. Do you know of any other local organizations doing the same thing? – Yes, there are others. In the Great Valley area – and in East Goshen –

I’m still not entirely sure I understand how this all works? Email at [email protected]. She’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If designating a restaurant, be sure to add it to the NOTES section upon checkout.